Social Work

School Social Work

School Social Work is specialized practice within the social work profession. School social workers are trained in understanding the interaction of the individual and his/her environment. They also receive training in crisis intervention. School social workers do comprehensive assessments within the school setting to determine student's needs.

School Social Work Services

School Social Work Services are provided to children from birth through their school years as required by state and federal law. School Social Work Services are offered when a student shows signs of social, emotional, physical, or environmental difficulties that interfere with their school adjustment and achievement. The following are some examples of behaviors that may indicate the need for services:

  • Constant discipline problem 
  • Irregular school attendance 
  • Aggressiveness toward others 
  • Poor peer/adult relationships 
  • Substance abuse 
  • Depression 
  • Lack of concern with appearance/apathy 
  • Suicidal verbalizations/gestures 
  • Excessive shyness 
  • Frequent physical complaints 
  • School age pregnancy 

School Social Workers Assist Students

  • To understand themselves and others 
  • To improve relationships 
  • To build their self-esteem 
  • To cope with stress 
  • To develop self-discipline 

School Social Workers Assist Parents

  • To identify and meet their child's social and emotional needs 
  • To actively participate in their child's education 
  • To understand programs available to their child 
  • In understanding school policies, procedures and decisions that will affect their child 
  • In becoming aware of community resources 

Students May Be Referred

Students may be referred by contacting the principal in the building where the child attends in order to discuss concerns.

Social Workers
Phone Extension
Schools they serve
Email Address
Stacy Bliss
ext. 30419
 Amanda Bolzman 989.673.2144
ext. 30358
Millington (including Parochials), ECSE,
Fowler Center
Jeff Davis 989.673.5200 ext. 30551 Caro Center, Lighthouse, HPS
 Rhonda Dennis 989.673.5200
ext. 30552
Cass City
Betsy's Place
Heather Grigg
ext. 1228
Millington, PWL
Victoria Hahn-Parker
ext. 30434
Sue Hoheisel 989.673.2144
ext. 30475
 Kristine O'Connor 989.776.0421 WEC
 Vanessa Sabo 989.673.2144 ext. 30352 Reese, HPS
Judy Stapleton
ext. 30439
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