Hearing Impaired

Hearing Impaired Children:

Hearing Impaired children in the school setting receive services from preschool through age 26 or upon graduation, whichever occurs first. These children are provided with the following services: 
  • Audiological services to check hearing as well as to monitor personal hearing aids and auditory equipment 
  • Speech and language services are provided to assist with total communication skills 
  • Interpreters as deemed necessary through the IEP process 
  • Social Work services to assist with personal and social needs 

Hearing Impaired Children in the School Setting 

Hearing Impaired children in the school setting receive services from teachers who have specialized knowledge in working with the hearing impaired. Services in the school setting focus on: 

  • Assessing communication, academic and social-emotional development of each child 
  • Learning academics through specialized teaching methods 
  • Improving listening, speech, lip-reading and sign language skills 
  • Learning language using oral language or total communication 
  • Modifying or adapting procedures in regular classrooms for individual and small group instruction 

Students May Be Referred
Students may be referred by contacting the principal in the building where the child attends in order to discuss concerns.

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Dee Rigg
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989.673.5200 ext. 30437

 Sue Kidney
Audiology Assistant
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