Teaming Up For Kids


The Coordinated School Health Programs Way
"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;
working together is success."


  • Introduction/Welcome
  • Assessment Tools
  • 12 Steps to CSHP
  • Resources
  • Feedback

We at Tuscola Intermediate School District recognize the importance of educating the whole child. The healthy development of the physical; mental/emotional and social domains of our students. We believe the best way to do this is through the development of a Coordinated School Health Programs model. This is a systems approach that helps schools organize and optimize their resources.

Our experience tells us that this truly is a journey. Poem: Road Less Traveled
We hope you decide to take the road less traveled and your journey truly will make a difference.

This web site is to help assist you on that journey. By drawing from first hand experiences, professional journals, and interviews. We believe we can predict the future by creating it! Come join us in the journey and help create a better future for our kids.

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The 12 Steps for CSHP Successful Implementation


STEP 1Establish A Core Team(the movers and shakers)

STEP 2School-Based Leadership(get them on board)

STEP 3Identify Key Players(the more the merrier)

STEP 4Establish a Healthy School Team and Identify a Coordinator(power in numbers but who is the captain?)

STEP 5Establish a Common Language(on the same page)

STEP 6Map Existing School-Based and Community-Based Resources(figuring out what is going on and who is out there to help us)

STEP 7Identify Programmatic Needs and Determine Action Steps(ok, what is really going on in the building and lets improve)

STEP 8Action(do something, already)

STEP 9Setup a Safety Net(anticipating a problem and heading it off early)

STEP 10Get Buy-In from Other School Staff(encourage others to jump on the band wagon)

STEP 11Document the Past and Plan for the Future(sing your accomplishments and plan as if the sky is the limit)

STEP 12Identify Existing and Potential Sources of Resources and Funding(is there help elsewhere)

Assessment Tools

Physical Activity/Nutrition/Tobacco/Unintentional Injury and Violence

School Health Index:A Self-Assessment and Planning Guide Developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Healthy School Action Tool:Adapted from the School Health Index
A Self-Assessment Planning Guide and the Changing Scene Healthy School Nutrition Environment Improvement Checklist in a collaboration with MDCH, MDE, MSU, MTN, MDIM.

Note: Early findings have indicated successful school experiences depended on two factors: 1st)The school received help from an outside facilitator to work with the assessment; 2nd)The involvement of an outside consultant helped support the schools in further implementation.