Success Stories

Success Stories

My students really benefited from the PE-Nut experience. They are much more aware of what "good" food is. The excitement is still going with the sharing of the "nutrition bag." They are hoping they get another turn to take it home! Parents have also commented on how their children want to eat better. They loved the cook books! Thanks so much for the great lessons . . . as a teacher it was super to have someone come in with enthusiasm and be able to take over my classroom, and do a wonderful job!!

Marie Willis, Kindergarten Teacher
CPS - 2007

I found the program to be extremely beneficial in my classroom. The students still are encouraged and proud when they bring a healthy snack! When we did Jump Rope for Heart, the students remembered you teaching them about strokes and how important a healthy heart is. They look forward to taking the healthy book bag home and sharing the information with their families as well.

Jennifer Saunders, 2nd Grade Teacher
CPS - 2007

My students really looked forward to Mrs. Stephens coming into the room. They really seemed to take to heart the healthy foods that she was telling them about. They did the homework. They have all looked forward to taking the red book bag home with them. I would welcome the program back in my classroom next year.

Jan Dral, 2nd Grade Teacher
Bea McDonald Elementary, Marlette - 2007


Student Attendance 
before Walking Program was implemented:
1st Semester 2005-06
1,957 Student Absences
An average of 4.1 Days of Absences Per Student

Student Attendance after Walking Program was implemented:
1st Semester 2006-07
1,505 Student Absences
An Average of 3.3 Days of Absence Per Student

452 Fewer Absences 1st Semester 2006-07
23% Improvement

Also, discipline referrals to the Responsible Thinking Classroom have dropped from 8-10 per day to 4-5 this year. I can't directly correlate this improvement to just walking each day, but as a staff we think there is some correlation. On the days with inclement weather that we do not walk, the energy in the building is much higher. We probably need to look at referrals on those days and do some comparisons.